5G at Home Would Fucking Rip

I want to take a look at what 5G would mean in an area that doesn’t get much attention, the home. The introduction of 5G into the home will be a welcome disruption in an industry of terrible customer experiences and monopolistic tendencies.

Zero Installation

Typically, when signing up for a cable ISP they require a person to come to your home for the service installation. This will change when 5G carriers bring their proven technology to the home through the use of a SIM card. Imagine being able to buy a router with a terrific user experience, much like an Eero, and just be able to pop in the SIM card that the carrier ships you. That’s it! No more service windows waiting for someone to come to your home. Just a SIM card shipped directly to your door.

Switching Service

Not happy with your 5G internet service with a particular carrier? Just sign up for a new carrier and they will ship you a new SIM card. Throw the old SIM card away, put the new one in your router and cancel your old service online. No longer will you have to gather up your rental equipment and stand in line to return it to the cable company. You can literally switch services without leaving your home.


Zero installation and simple service switching are both great improvements to the customer experience compared to traditional ISPs, but the consumer advantage to look forward to the most is increased competition. These cable companies have enjoyed a monopolistic environment for way too long and carriers threaten this position. Look for increased speeds and a decrease in price from cable companies to help them stay relevant.

Of course this brave new world of 5G is just hypothetical, but sometimes it’s fun to dream — especially if that world has no cable companies.

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