Message ID

Feel at Home in Messages

Message ID helps to identify unknown messages that you receive from services and businesses. Message ID will automatically update your contacts list with names and photos of popular services and businesses. Instead of receiving a message from an unknown number, Message ID populates that number with the correct name and avatar.

For example, you might get shipping updates from Amazon or two-factor authentication codes from GitHub. Well, instead of getting a message from a random number, Message ID replaces that number with the real business name and photo.





Easy to Understand Privacy

Message ID will NEVER read, edit or upload any of your personal contacts. The only contacts Message ID touches are the ones that it creates. Period.

Submit a Number

Have a number you want to submit? Quickly submit a new number from right inside the app! Numbers can even be automatically submitted by turning on Message ID's SMS filtering feature.1

1 If you enable automatic submissions SMS messages from unknown numbers will be sent to us for review. Only the number the message was sent from and words with capital letters are saved to the our database (that is all we need to identify the service). The messages can in no way be tied to a specific person and after review the messages are deleted. This feature has to be enabled from the Settings app and can be disabled at any time.